About Bio-Meth Management

Bio-Meth Management is a leader in the Environmental Safety Industry. We specialize in drug lab decontamination, cleaning up meth and clandestine drug labs and mold removal. We are currently licensed in Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee, we also clean up meth labs in Alabama, Georgia, Ohio and Michigan. We are state-approved contractors in Indiana and Tennessee. Further, we  are  EPA-certified lead renovation, repair, and painting contractors. Rely on our certified experts for any and all of your environmental safety needs.

At Bio-Meth Management, our certified professionals use environmentally friendly chemical methods and cutting edge technology to solve whatever issue you may have. Whether it be making your home safe from a previous meth lab by extracting residue and removing it or removing hazardous mold. When you are concerned about a possible prior meth or drug lab existence, or mold, we can offer scientific testing to determine the existence of contaminants before the property is occupied.

All of these contaminants create a very toxic environment to live in or to breathe. However, we offer services to rid the decontaminates in the affected area. Trust our specialists, who offer more than 20 years of experience in decontamination. Contact us today to learn more about our services

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