Adair County Community Voice: Test Before You Buy

Commonwealth Journal: Remnants of toxic labs can linger inside a dwelling
March 29, 2012
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Not all meth lab homes have been reported.

Homeowners who suspect that their homes could have been contaminated can have their home tested for dangerous toxins.

“If they have any suspicion, they can always call a certified contractor to come out and test it,” said Kim Greenidge, program director of the Department of Waste Management Superfund Division.

Greenidge said it is often advisable to have a home tested for meth.

However, state meth lab cleanup laws aren’t specific on homes that haven’t been reported by law enforcement, so the financial responsibility for testing and cleanup is up in the air.

Reported or not, homeowners can take action on their own by contacting a certified cleanup technician.

One of the closest certified cleanup technicians is located in Somerset called Bio-Meth Management. Bill Everslage has been certified for three years at Bio-Meth.

Bio-Meth has done business in Columbia and Campbellsville from its office in Somerset over the past three years.